Scott Simons: Creating A Dealership Growth Environment

By: Michael Cirillo   |   08 Sep 2022
Scott Simons

Scott Simons is a  successful car dealer that is involved in multiple businesses across many industries. Scott’s main focus is in the auto industry. He is the Managing Partner and General Manager of five Carter Myers Automotive dealerships in West Virginia. He is a speaker, business consultant, astute investor, and purveyor of filling the cups of anyone who is willing to put in the effort. 

Scott shares specific tactical advice you can apply and how he continues to push himself by surrounding himself with those he can learn from.

What we discuss in this episode:

If you own or manage a dealership, you must be willing to explore new growth opportunities and embrace new ideas. Dealerships that embrace the future will maintain their profitability and relevance in the coming years. Those who do not will be squeezed out of a tightening landscape. In this week's episode of the Dealer Playbook, Scott Simons goes into great detail about Creating A Dealership Growth Environment. As a true leader and an excellent communicator, he ensures that each member of his team understands their role and works together to further the company's growth.

While Building a Great Team. Investing in employee training, retention, and happiness is critical to growth and success for your dealership. A motivated, positive team is your greatest asset in building competitive advantage for your business over the long term.

Customer service is easily the auto industry’s best salesperson. With customer emotions running so hot,it's crucial for your auto dealership to give every facet of customer service the finest polish imaginable. Due to the "virtuous circle" nature of the automotive industry, where strong customer service performance brings customers back later to the showroom floor—and the other way around—there is no doubt that this will pay off in amazing ways.

How doing business with your own people can make your climb to success better

Scott stocks his view on training employees “training is not it's not a knowing issue here, people know what to do. It's a motivation issue. And I need to help motivate them and get the best out of them. That's my job is to give them all the tools in order to be successful and give them an environment to thrive.”

Chain of Command in Organizational Structure establishes accountability, it lays out a company’s lines of authority and decision-making power. A proper chain of command ensures that every task, job position and department has one person assuming responsibility for performance.

To unify competing desires and perspectives, emphasize that choices be made in the best interest of the customer.

How Scott pours back into his team weekly including monitoring their personal credit, managing expenses, and much more that’s lead to saving their lives

Growth and rewards have always been critical components of human resources and employee motivation. Furthermore, most people want to advance in their careers. To keep employees longer in your organization, you should provide them with a Personal Development Plan. You can use this plan to map out employee development. How does a Junior Developer advance to the level of Senior Developer? Or, how can a Manager improve in his or her position? Another advantage of employee development is that by promoting employees internally, you can easily fill senior positions within your organization. Furthermore, because you already know everything there is to know about the employee, you are less likely to hire the wrong person for the job.

To keep your employees and increase growth in your dealership, one of the most important factors is company culture. Before using motivation-boosting methods such as rewards and development, preparing your organization to support these changes is important. It's not about having the right infrastructure but also having the right people in the right place. You must create an environment that naturally stimulates motivation.

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