Inaugural ASOTU CON Draws A Circle Around Retail Automotive

By: Michael Cirillo   |   14 Sep 2022

For those of us who have been in retail automotive for a while, ASOTU CON just reshaped how we think about and experience an automotive conference. For newcomers to the industry, you might have a hard time attending other events because, in short, they’re not like this. 

Don’t misunderstand, they have their place. They have their value. ASOTU CON marketed itself as the rebirth of the automotive conference, and I believe it delivered on that promise. 

We kicked things off with a welcome reception hosted at CIOCCA Subaru. I’ve been in the car business for 23 years. Admittedly, it was the first time I had ever been inside a dealership service bay so beautiful that hosting a welcome reception inside felt completely natural. The actual event took place at the XFINITY LIVE! Event space is surrounded by stadiums, restaurants, and solid sports energy. 

ASOTU CON felt more like a family reunion than a business conference. Solid breakout rooms accompanied the MainStage presentations with panel discussions and presenters, designed to open important conversations rather than close them. We came together as collaborators, not experts, and that energy lent itself to an overall feeling of inclusion, not division.