Dan Collingridge: Inventory Is The Nucleus

By: Michael Cirillo   |   22 Sep 2022
Dan Collingridge

Dan Collingridge is the chief technology officer at flexdealer.com. Dan Collingridge has always been focused on technology from day one. But he had no clue that that passion would lead him into a career in the auto industry. 

In this episode, Dan talks about how he met Michael again later in life and the common goal that made them team up to work together after years of their childhood friendship taking different paths.

What we discuss in this episode:

In this episode, we go into detail about the value of inventory for auto dealers, how to make it even better, how Michael and Dan developed their inventory tools at FlexDealer, and where their latest inventory project is headed.

Managing inventory involves much more than simply tracking things. This crucial area of business cannot be ignored or compromised, and, for good reason, auto dealer inventory management demands the newest, most cutting-edge technology and creative solutions.

Dan Collingridge shares his insights about the importance of a healthy workplace based on his experiences helping manage various teams at FlexDealer for over two decades.

Dan and Micheal talk about how and why culture is hugely important to the success and overall health of your company, your people, and your customers, and why it's helpful to spend time considering why your company's culture is the way it is and why it must stay that way (or change).

While culture is so influential, it's challenging to maintain the more extensive a business gets. Side-conversations form, resentment can grow, and you can lose control of the culture you've worked hard to build.

Owning a business with a friend can be very challenging because doing so involves setting expectations and creating accountability that does not typically exist in a friendship alone. Michael and Dan reflect on how they made it possible to collaborate successfully despite (or because of!) being friends with a range of common and differing interests, goals, and priorities.

Learn how FlexDealer transitioned from the dying magazine print model to a digital model that involved creating a website portal and inventory capabilities from the ground up, plus hosting all of their inventory and digital services in the newly created model.

Listen to the full episode for more insights and context from Dan Collingridge! 



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