RC Hazzard: Can Car Dealers Create Their Own Warranty Company?

By: Michael Cirillo   |   07 Oct 2022

RC Hazzard, Servant Leader, Army Veteran, and Country Singer, is now among the top car dealers in the auto industry. 

Working with Protective as the Regional Sales Director, RC shares his background story of how he came about joining the auto industry after serving in the army for six good years while singing country music, his evolution, what changed, and how he found himself in the auto industry.

What we discuss in this episode:

In this episode, RC Hazzard expands on his role in helping automotive dealers around the United States review their current reinsurance positions and create the most effective reinsurance or DOWC (Dealer Owned Warranty Company) to assist their future growth.

RC makes keen observations about the auto industry: "I had these single moms coming in or people that were from depressed areas and people would judge 'em when they saw 'em. They wouldn't ask 'em what they needed. They were just trying to sell them something. And very quickly, my managers realized I wasn't there to sell people anything. I was there to help people accommodate whatever they needed in their life."

RC believes that helping others can dramatically benefit your business. Helping is the new economic currency that can revolutionize businesses in the auto industry.

Dealers should not compare themselves against other dealers or get discouraged over where they're positioned versus where their competitors are. All that matters is what they can do within their context of circumstances and forget about what others are doing. "If you're a, you know, a 20-store dealer and your goal is to get to 40, you can't compare yourself against a, you know, a Dan Cummins that's trying to go from a thousand to 1,500."

The car dealer, male, female, whoever they are, can always make as much as possible without negatively affecting anyone around them.

RC aims to help every dealer understand what they have in their reinsurance position and then show them what they can do with what they currently have or what they can do if they take a different opportunity.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from RC Hazzard!



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