Michael Cirillo: How Sales Pros Can Thrive In A Slow Economy

By: Arnold Denah   |   20 Oct 2022

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael shares his thoughts and ideas on how sales pros can not only survive, but thrive in a slow economy. The world hasn't exactly stopped before; there may have been a few pauses along the way, but they only lasted as long as it took for someone to think outside the box and find a solution—to go on by taking the next logical steps forward.

What Michael discusses in this episode: 

In business, especially in the automotive industry, the economic climate is always changing. For much of the time, the changes that take place are caused by outside factors we are powerless to control. In that case, do we need to fear or panic?

No! We need to be prepared to take action and do whatever is ethically necessary in order to. Take the opportunity and seize the opportunity that is in front of us now.

The key to Ali Reda's success as a top car sales professional is what we'll refer to as "relationship selling." Relationship selling is a method in which the salesperson puts their relationship with the customer ahead of everything else about the sale. They develop trust, usually by adding value and spending a lot of time with prospects before attempting to close.

Compare and contrast Ali Rita’s interview with mine and think about what he's saying and how you can apply it to the context of your circumstances. You're not in the same city, you're not selling the same product, you're not in the same market or community or whatever it may be. There's going to be some nuance and subtle differences. So listen and say, "Okay, so what am I doing currently? What do I think I could be doing differently to strengthen these relationships? What's that one crazy idea that I've always had that I want to try to build a relationship with somebody that I haven't done it yet?

It doesn't matter if you're selling super luxe cars or used Saturn ions. What matters is what kind of relationship you build with people, especially during this period of time that we're about to embark on - and that, frankly, we're already in, but nobody is willing to admit it yet. It's on us to stand out.

We’ve been here before. Times have been tough. We’ve survived and learned valuable lessons along the way to make us better people, smarter salespeople and stronger business leaders. If you believe the depressing and negative news, you'll struggle through difficult times. But if you take a break from the news and concentrate on what's positive in the world and the principles we talked about in the episode, you'll soon come up with innovative solutions on how to thrive in such a slow economy.



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