Shaka Dyson: Effort vs. Time and Making the Most of Both

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Nov 2022
Shaka Dyson portrait

Shaka Dyson is the Founder and CEO of Dealer F&I University, He was also a teenage father, a high school dropout, and somebody abandoned by his mom at two years old. Today's guest truly knows how hard life can be. Today, as an entrepreneur, a business expert, and a powerful speaker, he's managed to turn that pain into purpose and grow his business to massive levels!

In this episode, Shaka shares the background story of how he got started in the car business leading all the way up to what he's doing for dealers today. 

Shaka encourages dealers to look beyond their challenges: "I tell dealers to remove themselves from staring at the challenge and start staring at the target, right? Hurdles, issues, mountains, walls, and challenges all come with pushback. It's always gonna be there. But if you keep your eyes on the prize, if you keep your eyes on the target, then you'll never worry about the challenge."

Relying on or bragging about one's time in the business indicates that someone is stuck on what he used to do and where he's been rather than what he currently brings to the table and where he is going. The skillset you acquire for your next job is far more critical than tracked time. And if you're in the market for an employee, it's time to start looking beyond the résumé. "They used to hire based on a resume, but if you hire the right person with exemplary character, work ethic, integrity, honesty, and somebody who's goal-oriented - if you hire that person, you can teach them the skillset."

In times of uncertainty, the key to long-term thinking is to remain committed to the goals, core values, and mission you are working towards each day. More importantly, ensure your team is aligned at all times and that everyone is rowing in the same direction. Alignment is greater than assignment, and the alignment will always keep the long-term vision in focus.

What do you care about more: effort or time? You're familiar with the phrase, "in due time." But what if we flipped it to be, "in due effort." Time can tick by, and maybe things aren't due to you in time at all. But the effort, well, that's when you get your dues! Both time and effort are important. Not everything can be rushed, and sometimes things just take the time they take. But your efforts can certainly help speed things up!



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