Joshua Negron: Why We Need To Focus On Mental Health At Work

By: Michael Cirillo   |   23 Mar 2023
Joshua Negron

Joshua Negron is a seasoned Director of Business Development with a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. Over the years, he has honed his skills in business development, advertising, lead generation, personnel management, leadership, customer service, sales, and business software.

In this episode, Joshua talks about the importance of mental health and its impact on the car dealership industry.

Joshua emphasizes that every child has had a tough experience in life, and it is essential to empathize and understand that people are broken. He shares that he has a unique personality where people feel they can open up to him, and he has taken this as a gift to connect with his employees. The conversation transitions to Dr. Caroline Leaf's book on mental health, which Joshua is currently reading. He explains that every thought has emotions and memories attached to it, and it is crucial to examine it through a different lens.

The automotive industry is a people business, and mental health is an essential aspect that needs attention. Understanding that people are broken and empathizing with them is vital to building a positive work environment. It is crucial to examine our thoughts and emotions and use that knowledge to work better with our colleagues. The car dealership industry can benefit from incorporating mental health and empathy into its business model.

Joshua also talks about the impact of structured versus ambiguous management styles on employee culture, anxiety, and accountability. He reflects on how the structured approach created a culture of anxiety, where employees were constantly being measured and disciplined every month. To address this issue, Joshua took all the structure away and made the expectations more ambiguous, letting employees know the themes that they were looking for - effort, output, and attitude.

Joshua emphasizes the importance of leadership and self-accountability. Good behaviour is essential to being a good leader, and vulnerability and openness are necessary for having meaningful conversations about moving the industry forward. Joshua also shares their personal experience of dealing with the loss of employees and the importance of seeking therapy to address the impact of these experiences.

In conclusion, mental health and empathy are essential to the car dealership industry's success. Incorporating these values into your business model can help create a positive work environment, improve employee culture, reduce anxiety, and increase accountability. Joshua Negron's insights provide a valuable perspective on how the industry can move forward by prioritizing mental health, empathy, and good behaviour.

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