Love People More Than You Love Cars

By: Michael Cirillo   |   06 Apr 2023
Paul Daly and Kyle Mountsier

Paul Daly and Kyle Mountsier (ASOTU) join Michael Cirillo to talk about their perspectives on the importance of human connection in the auto industry. They emphasize the power of belonging, fulfillment, and the role of the industry in fostering these values.

The trio discusses the importance of creating a sense of community within the auto industry, giving people a place where they feel like they belong and can grow together. They agree that automotive is not just about sales and marketing, but rather about the meaningful relationships that form within it.

Paul and Kyle reflect on their motivations behind founding the ASOTU automotive event series and their desire to create a sense of belonging for those within the industry. They hope to challenge misconceptions about dealerships and foster an environment where people can find fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in their work. By offering a variety of entertainment and connection opportunities, the hosts aim to create an inclusive and supportive community for those involved in the automotive industry.

Paul and Kyle shared their experiences of travelling around the country, visiting dealerships and meeting with people who found fulfillment in their careers. They noted that many people tend to have a negative perception of dealerships, but the reality is quite different: there are many dealerships where people feel a strong sense of purpose and belonging, and it's important to change the narrative.

One of the goals of their work is to show people how to appreciate the auto industry, much like appreciating jazz music. They believe that when people truly understand and appreciate the depth and richness of the industry, they will feel more connected and fulfilled.

As they continue to work together, Paul and Kyle have seen more and more people within the industry standing up and supporting the values of community, culture, and people. The message of "Love people more than you love cars" has resonated with many, making it clear that the auto industry can be about more than just selling vehicles.

Fun fact from this episode: One in every four jobs in America is tied to the auto industry. This led to a realization that there are many people who may not even realize that they're a part of this powerful industry!

Paul and Kyle also shared a powerful story about doing the impossible. They spoke with an executive at a dealership who jokingly suggested that they were attempting to achieve the impossible. However, they took it as a challenge, believing that they can change perceptions and create a more positive image of the industry. Just as the four-minute mile was once considered impossible, they believe that the auto industry can break through barriers and become a place where people find fulfillment and purpose.

Drawing inspiration from the story of the four-minute mile, once believed to be impossible, they highlight how breaking barriers can inspire others to follow suit and eventually become the norm.

This episode highlights the importance of relationships and connections in the automotive industry. The guests emphasized the need for people to take pride in being part of this juggernaut industry and to love and support each other like family. By focusing on people, fostering a sense of community, and changing negative perceptions, they believe that the industry can continue to grow and provide meaningful careers for those who call it home.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Paul Daly and Kyle Mountsier!


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