Ann-Marie Johnson: The Power of Moments of Truth

By: Michael Cirillo   |   26 Apr 2023
Ann-Marie Johnson

Ann-Marie Johnson is the Director of partner relationship at ASOTU. In this episode, We discussed her journey in the automotive industry, the concept of "moments of truth," and how it applies to both personal and professional interactions. By recognizing the importance of these moments, Ann-Marie believes that individuals and businesses alike can elevate the overall perception of retail automotive.

Ann-Marie shared her passion for studying brand perception and customer experience, and how she came to realize the importance of moments of truth in her own life. From a positive experience with her bank to a frustrating interaction with Spotify, these moments had a significant impact on her perception of each brand.

Ann-Marie delved into the concept of "moments of truth," a term used to describe every interaction a company has with its audience, clients, or customers. These moments present an opportunity to gain or lose credibility, trust, and respect. She emphasized that these moments of truth can be as simple as a welcoming email or as complex as interactions between employees and clients.

The concept of moments of truth extends beyond personal experiences, affecting businesses in every industry. Ann-Marie explains how these moments can occur at any stage of the customer journey, from sales and onboarding to retention and beyond. As an example, Michael cites a book called "Hacking Growth," where the author discusses the impact of moments of truth on the success of companies like Dropbox, Uber, and Airbnb.

One crucial point Ann-Marie raises is that these moments can be either positive or negative, and it's up to the individual or business to determine the outcome. By being proactive, detail-oriented, and empathetic, businesses can create positive moments of truth that build trust and credibility with their customers.

We also discussed the challenges of changing perceptions within an industry, such as automotive, where negative moments of truth have accumulated over time. Ann-Marie suggests that understanding the importance of moments of truth and actively working to improve them is key to changing the narrative.

The Power of Compounding Moments of Truth:

Michael Cirillo adds to the conversation by highlighting the idea of compounding moments of truth. The outcomes of one's life and the situations they find themselves in are often the result of a ripple effect of choices made during various moments of truth. The key is to understand the importance of these moments and to make conscious decisions that positively impact oneself and others.

Winning or Losing Moments of Truth:

Michael notes that moments of truth can be won or lost, and it's essential to strive to win as many as possible. They discuss how problems and opportunities are the same thing, with the choice of winning or losing these moments lying in the hands of the individual or company.

Changing the Perception of Retail Automotive:

Ann-Marie relates the concept of moments of truth to the automotive industry, stating that the overall perception of retail automotive has been established through decades of negative moments of truth. By seeking out and promoting positive moments of truth delivered by dealers, the industry can work towards changing its perception and humanizing retail automotive.

The idea of moments of truth is a powerful tool for transforming both personal and business relationships. By focusing on creating positive interactions, dealerships and individuals in the industry can contribute to humanizing retail automotive and fostering better relationships with clients. By understanding the impact of these moments and striving for a positive legacy, individuals and businesses can foster lasting relationships built on trust, credibility, and respect.

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