WB Cavender: Enhancing The Car Shopping Experience

By: Michael Cirillo   |   26 May 2023
WB Cavender:

In this episode, Michael Cirillo sits down with WB Cavender, the fourth-generation owner of Cavender Auto Group, at their headquarters. WB shares the story of how he entered the automotive industry and the core values that have driven their family-owned business for over 80 years. They delve into the core principles that drive success in the automotive industry, emphasizing the significance of customer satisfaction and cultural alignment within the organization.

What Do We Discuss In The Episode?

  1. Uncover the personal journey of WB Cavender and the Cavender Auto Group's legacy, engaging listeners with a captivating family business story.

  2. Gain insight into the operational focus of a successful dealership, showcasing the drive for continuous improvement and customer-centricity.

  3. Explore how Cavender Auto Group goes beyond selling cars, focusing on providing exceptional service and support to customers.

  4. Discover the value of thinking like an owner and empowering every team member, regardless of their position, to make a difference.

  5. Be inspired by the impact of Cavender Cares, the dealership's philanthropic arm, and their commitment to giving back to the community.

Discover how Cavender Auto Group's commitment to helping people sets them apart in the industry. WB shares heartwarming anecdotes of going above and beyond to assist customers, even in challenging situations. From empowering every team member to think like an owner to fostering a culture of giving back through Cavender Cares, their philanthropic arm, WB sheds light on their deep-rooted dedication to their community.

The episode dives into the value of metrics and data in understanding customer behavior and optimizing sales processes. WB Cavender highlights the importance of training and being knowledgeable about key metrics, but he emphasizes that the ultimate goal is to foster enduring relationships with customers. By prioritizing transparency, understanding customer needs, and ensuring a seamless experience, the numbers naturally fall into place.

Michael Cirillo and WB Cavender provide invaluable insights into building successful customer relationships and fostering a strong organizational culture. By exploring the interplay between metrics, transparency, cultural alignment, and customer satisfaction, listeners gain a profound understanding of the key factors that drive profitability and business growth. The episode serves as a reminder that success in the automotive industry lies not only in metrics and data but also in genuine care for customers and a shared commitment to excellence.

Throughout the conversation, WB Cavender emphasizes the significance of consistent execution and daily commitment to the company's mission. By hiring the right people and fostering a culture of care and professionalism, Cavender Auto Group aims to exceed customer expectations and ensure long-term success.

Tune in to this episode of The Dealer Playbook podcast to be inspired by the Cavender Auto Group's dedication to customer care, community impact, and building a lasting legacy in the automotive industry.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from WB Cavender!

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