Danny Zaslavsky: Innovation, Partnerships, and Breaking the Mold

By: Michael Cirillo   |   29 Jun 2023
Danny Zaslavsky

Danny Zaslavsky is a successful business and community leader within the Greater Kansas City area. Not only is he a partner at VinCue, but he's also the General Manager/Dealer Principal at Country Hill Motors, one of the region's most successful independent auto dealerships, and invests heavily in his community as the President of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

In this episode Michael Cirillo interviews Danny to explore the fascinating world of vehicle buying centers (VBCs). The conversation takes place at the FlexDealer booth during NIADA, where they dive into the past, present, and future of VBCs, shedding light on how technology and innovation are shaping the automotive industry.

Danny provides a sneak peek into the panel discussion he participated in, which focused on the evolution of VBCs and the role of technology. With a diverse group of experts sharing their insights, the panel delved into topics ranging from outsourcing VBCs to the Philippines to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) at the top of the sales funnel.

The lively conversation touched on the importance of training in the ever-changing landscape of VBCs. Wendy Reeves, one of the panelists, highlighted the potential of outsourcing and how it can transform operations. The audience, consisting of dealers with varying needs, contributed valuable perspectives, making the session dynamic and engaging.

Michael and Danny emphasize the significance of fostering interaction and feedback, drawing parallels to stand-up comedians who thrive on live audience responses. They discuss how creating a culture of acquisition, where everyone is aligned with the dealership's goals, can lead to remarkable results.

As the conversation evolves, Danny shares his unique perspective as a tech company owner and dealer. He reveals the disparity between independent and franchise dealers in terms of innovation and flexibility. Independents are recognized for their ability to forge partnerships, execute their vision, and think outside the box. In contrast, franchise dealers often focus on consolidation and uniformity.

The episode takes an inspiring turn as Danny narrates his experience of aligning with renowned financial expert Dave Ramsey to create credibility for his independent dealership. By hosting financial education classes at his dealership, he challenged the notion of car dealerships as debt creators. This innovative approach garnered attention and strengthened the dealership's brand.

The conversation between Michael and Danny beautifully encapsulates the essence of family businesses and the importance of legacy. Danny shares his journey of breaking free from a scarcity mindset, emphasizing the power of shared values and partnerships. The two hosts underline the transformative potential of collaboration, erasing the artificial barriers between dealers and vendors.

In conclusion, this episode will captivate you by shedding light on the future of vehicle buying centers and the role of technology in shaping the industry. The insightful conversation between Michael Cirillo and Danny Zaslavsky unveils the power of partnerships, the importance of community engagement, and the limitless potential for innovation in the automotive world. Tune in to explore new horizons and discover how embracing change can lead to unprecedented success.

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