Allie Peters: The Power of Servant Leadership in Fixed Operations

By: Michael Cirillo   |   13 Jul 2023
Allie Peters

In this episode Michael Cirillo sits down with Allie Peters, the newly appointed Vice President of Service Operations at Cavender Auto Group. 

Join Michael and Allie as they delve into the surprising twists and turns of her career in the automotive industry. Discover how Allie's ambition led her from a service advisor to her current role, defying traditional career expectations. You'll be intrigued by her initial aspiration to become a general manager, her detour into sales, and her ultimate realization that her true passion lay in service operations.

Throughout the episode, Michael and Allie discuss the importance of upward mobility and breaking free from an employee mindset. Allie's story exemplifies the power of taking ownership and exceeding expectations, showcasing the remarkable opportunities available within the automotive industry. Her success serves as an inspiration for those looking to differentiate themselves and pursue growth in their careers.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the automotive industry. Allie shares how her experience working with service advisors, technicians, and other departments within the dealership shaped her perspective. You'll be fascinated by her genuine passion for service and the multitude of opportunities that exist within this field.

As Allie takes on her new role overseeing multiple rooftops, she discusses her approach to leadership and empowering her team. She reveals her dedication to building relationships and removing obstacles to enable her team members' success. Despite the challenges of managing multiple locations, Allie's unwavering commitment to coaching and supporting her service managers shines through.

Don't miss this episode of The Dealer Playbook, where Allie Peters' remarkable journey from service advisor to VP of Service Operations unfolds. Gain insights into the automotive industry, discover the keys to personal growth and professional success, and witness firsthand the transformative power of embracing new opportunities. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to unleash your own potential.

Listen to the full episode to uncover Allie's secrets to success, learn how to break free from an employee mindset, and explore the vast possibilities within the automotive industry. This episode will captivate you with its genuine storytelling and provide valuable lessons applicable to any career path.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Allie Peters!

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