Kyler Kropf: What It Takes To Build a Successful Business

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Aug 2023
Kyler Kropf

Kyler Kropf is the founder of SaddleBrooke Life , a business specializing in building beautiful and spacious tiny homes.

In this episode we delve into Kyler's incredible journey from growing up Amish to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry and the essential elements required to build a thriving business.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

The Power of the Gift of Work

The episode begins by discussing Kyler's upbringing in an Amish community, where technology was non-existent. Despite these limitations, Kyler's father instilled a strong work ethic in him and his siblings, teaching them the value of hard work, investment, and resilience. They reflect on how this foundation of work ethics laid the groundwork for Kyler's entrepreneurial journey and how the gift of work became a driving force in shaping his character.

Overcoming Failure and Learning from It

Kyler opens up about his early failed business ventures, from farming and commercial roofing to attempting other startups. Through these experiences, he shares the lessons he learned and how his father's unwavering support and belief in him during these times of failure pushed him forward. Michael and Kyler emphasize that failure is a natural part of the journey and that it's the willingness to get back up and keep going that defines true entrepreneurs.

The Power of Discipline and Cultivating Partnership

As Kyler's business gained traction, he emphasizes the importance of discipline and having the right people in place. Building a successful business requires more than just a great product; it's about creating a culture of discipline, passion, and alignment with the company's vision. Kyler shares how he built a team of partners, not just employees, who are fully committed to the mission and play an integral role in the company's growth.

The Role of Willingness to Learn and Take Action

Michael and Kyler discuss the role of willingness to learn and take action in achieving success. They challenge the notion of instant gratification and emphasize the importance of putting in the work, learning from experiences, and staying disciplined in the face of challenges. 

Discover the secrets to his success, from embracing failures to building a thriving tiny home business. This episode is a powerful reminder that finding a purpose bigger than yourself is an essential trait for any aspiring entrepreneur. Prepare to be inspired by Kyler's tenacity, as he takes you on a captivating journey through his life and business endeavors. 

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