Mathew Growden: Are Google Vehicle Ads Worth It?

By: Michael Cirillo   |   10 Aug 2023
Mathew Growden

Mathew Growden is the Head of Auto Retail Team and Answerer of Automotive Retail related questions at Google Canada.

In this episode we explore the intricacies of this powerful marketing tool and uncover hidden insights that can reshape your dealership's strategies. From naming conventions to data cleanliness, this conversation unveils the importance of precision and relevance in the world of online automotive retail. 

Episode Highlights:

In an era of shifting dealer practices and evolving consumer expectations, the automotive landscape has witnessed significant transformations. In this episode we delve into these changes and their implications for vehicle advertising. 

Understanding the Dynamics: How and Why Vehicle Ads Work

The more precise the question and the answer, the more cost-effective the campaign becomes. This relevance leads to lower costs per click, more economical leads, and better business outcomes—a formula that spells success for dealerships.

Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Benefits of Vehicle Ads

These ads not only offer cost advantages but also provide valuable data insights into consumer behavior through the sales funnel. Mathew explains how running vehicle ads compels dealerships to refine their data accuracy and merchandising strategies. It's not just about selling—it's about embracing data-driven operations and capitalizing on unexpected insights.

The Journey of Value: How to Optimize Conversion Values

Mathew shares valuable insights on how dealerships can determine the worth of their conversions and align them with their business objectives. By assigning appropriate values to different conversion points, dealerships can ensure that their campaigns optimize for the right outcomes, delivering tangible results and avoiding the pitfalls of inadequate optimization.

Why You Should Tune In:

Are You Maximizing Vehicle Ads' Potential?

Discover how Google Vehicle Ads aren't just about advertising; they're about data refinement and operational excellence. This episode uncovers how embracing the tool's features can enhance your dealership's entire online presence.

Unlocking Strategic Insights:

Unearth the subtle yet impactful nuances of vehicle ads, from naming conventions to data enrichment. Learn how paying attention to the finer details can be the key to unlocking strategic insights and driving greater consumer engagement.

Beyond the Surface:

Explore beyond the surface of Google Vehicle Ads and uncover how they're reshaping the automotive marketing landscape. From operational efficiency to shopper satisfaction, this episode reveals the hidden depths of this transformative tool.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Mathew Growden! 

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