Jesse Cole: The Car Buying Experience Should Be Longer!

By: Michael Cirillo   |   31 Aug 2023
Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment, which owns and operates the Savannah Bananas and the Party Animals. The Bananas have sold out every game since their first season and have a waitlist for tickets in the thousands. They have entertained millions of fans in Savannah and at ballparks all over the country on their Banana Ball Tour. The Bananas have been featured on MSNBC, CBS Sunday Morning, Access Hollywood, HBO Real Sports, CNN, and ESPN.

In this special edition, thanks to the Auto Collabs Podcast Me, Paul J. Daly and Kyle Mountsier engage in a thought-provoking conversation with the remarkable Jesse Cole, the genius behind the Savannah Bananas baseball team. If you think buying a car should be a chore, think again!

We delve deep into the mind of Jesse Cole and uncover the secrets behind the remarkable success story of the Savannah Bananas. Discover how they transformed the traditional baseball experience into a two-hour extravaganza of non-stop entertainment, creating fans instead of customers.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Redefining Customer Experience: We dive into the world of Jesse Cole, where customer experience isn't just about buying a product; it's about creating unforgettable memories. 

Creating Fans, Not Customers: Explore the concept of transforming customers into fans. Uncover how a remarkable experience can make your customers want to stay longer, engage more, and become advocates for your brand. Find out how Jesse's approach can revolutionize the automotive industry's perception.

Eliminating Friction: Join the conversation on the importance of eliminating friction points in the car buying process. Understand how simplifying paperwork, streamlining processes, and providing convenience can lead to a car-buying journey that customers never want to end. Jesse shares his behind-the-scenes insights into the Bananas' journey, revealing their journey of eliminating friction points and frustrations in the customer experience. 

Attracting, Not Recruiting: Discover the power of attracting the right people who resonate with your vision. Jesse shares how being clear about your brand and values can magnetize individuals who resonate with your vision. 

Creating Unforgettable Moments: Unveil the magic behind creating unforgettable moments in your customer journey. Find out how Jesse's "Kiss Goodnight" can inspire you to add the perfect encore to your business interactions, leaving customers wanting more.

Join us as we uncover the magic behind the Savannah Bananas' success and explore how their principles can revolutionize your business. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and motivated to redefine customer experience.

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Thanks, Jesse Cole!

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