Andrew Myers: How To Win Customers with Video Content

By: Michael Cirillo   |   14 Sep 2023
Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is the owner of Parachute Video Ads. Andrew began in sales and marketing from as young as the age of 16 years old, selling toys door to door, which eventually led him to stumble into the world of selling cars at staffed event sales all over the country. This led to the founding of a renowned video studio in Seattle, What's Next Media, which focused on automotive sales videos, eventually acquired by an automotive advertising firm.

His next venture revolutionized video advertising. Instead of one-off ads, Andrew crafted a system of interconnected videos that mirrored natural sales conversations, benefiting small businesses. Andrew's dedication to training and simplifying video content creation removed barriers for businesses and individuals.

Blending his people-centred sales expertise with videography, he amassed a wealth of tips and tricks to help anyone create engaging videos with just a smartphone, enhancing prospect engagement.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Have you ever wondered how technology, personal branding, and video marketing can come together to transform the auto industry? In this episode, I will take you on a captivating journey with my guest Andrew Myers, a seasoned professional in the automotive world, and we explore the game-changing strategies and insights that can revolutionize your approach to car sales and marketing. We delve into the power of AI, personal branding, and video marketing in the automotive industry.

Episode Highlights:

The Power of Good Content: Andrew emphasizes the importance of being the arbitrator of good content. Discover how AI can assist in content creation but why it's your subjective judgment that ultimately defines success. Learn why quality content will always shine through. Highlighting his words from the episode...

You can't ask AI for subjective opinion about content. You can have it right a whole book for you, but you still got to edit the book. You still got to decide the flow of information and know your reader and all that. So it's amazing what it can do in terms of helping you accomplish the work, but no one cares about work. They care about the product and you still gotta be the person to make a good product. I don't think it's going to like replace us, but I think it might shift who the movers and content makers are because it's going to be the people with the eye for what doesn't suck that are going to be able to accomplish the most with AI.

Overcoming Sales Challenges: Uncover the secrets of effective personal branding in automotive sales. Andrew shares strategies that help salespeople connect with their audience, build trust, and inspire action. Learn why it's not about being 'too ugly for video,' but about delivering value to your customers.

The Process Matters: We stress the significance of having a streamlined process in place for video creation. Learn practical techniques for creating engaging videos, including the 45-second testimonial that hits multiple targets with one shot.

The Humility Effect: Understand the power of humility in today's digital landscape. Discover how sharing customer stories and allowing customers to participate in the conversation can boost your personal brand and dealership's reputation.

Sales Through Service: Explore the idea of selling through service. Andrew shares how adopting a service-oriented approach and putting the customer's needs first can drive sales and lead to long-term success.

Keeping the Connection: We discuss the importance of maintaining a connection with your customers over time. Learn how to leverage video to keep your dealership top of mind and build lasting relationships.

Crack the Code: We wrap up the conversation with insights on cracking the code of video marketing and personal branding in the automotive industry.

The Power of a Personal Brand: Explore the profound impact of personal branding, as exemplified by Robert Weissman, and why it's crucial in the automotive industry.

With a personal brand, there are so many ways to increase your income, find a position within a dealership and increase profitability to the store, which creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Andrew Myers!

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