Crissy Burton: Selling Cars Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

By: Michael Cirillo   |   12 Oct 2023
Crissy Burton

In today's episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Crissy Burton, a powerhouse in sales and finance. If you haven't come across her yet, get ready because Crissy, who is also known as the Car Fairy, is making quite a splash in the industry, and she's here to share her journey.

Crissy “The Car Fairy” Burton is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, working at one of the top 10 dealer groups in the United States and has surpassed many of her colleagues in just a span of five short years. In one month alone in 2021, Crissy was proud to have sold 73 units! That brought in a total gross profit of $182,000 for her dealership!

The Car Fairy generates her own ups and potential customers through Instagram and Facebook Market pages that she has created. She believes in using paid advertising to help spread her name, but a prominent presence on social media can cut your ad budget by more than half! She currently has a new training platform called, which gears toward targeting more women to come into the automotive industry with training categories specializing in showroom sales, women in automotive and special finance.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

In this episode, Crissy and I delve into how she acquired her nickname, "the Car Fairy." It turns out that a customer bestowed this name upon her back in 2018, and it stuck for all the reasons. Crissy reveals how her unique approach to assisting customers with credit challenges resulted in this captivating title.

The Magic Wand Mentality;

Have you ever wondered what sets Crissy apart? Tune in as we explore her magic wand mentality – Crissy's commitment to going and beyond for her customers. From searching for solutions to treating each customer with care, Crissy shares her secret recipe for transforming challenging situations into tales of triumph.

Crissy's path into the industry sets her apart from others. We delve into her story. Moving from working in the mortgage sector to becoming a customer in search of a car. Discover the moment that brought her to Dion Crenshaw, a figure in her world and how this encounter transformed her life trajectory.

The Power of Passion;

What drives Crissy to shine amidst a sea of over 200,000 car sales professionals? It all boils down to passion. Crissy opens up about her seated enthusiasm for assisting people, drawing from experiences as a single mother navigating life's challenges. Explore how this fervour propels her commitment to treating each customer with care.

Mastering. Cultivating Personal Brand;

Curious about Crissy's ability to juggle a demanding schedule? Uncover her secrets for time management. How she adeptly handles customers with diverse credit scores. Delve into the significance of branding as Crissy shares insights on leveraging media platforms like Facebook to establish her presence and attract customers... She holds nothing back when it comes to strategies for advertising within a Facebook group with over 46,000 members.

Beyond Sales; Empowering Women in Automotive;

There's more...Beyond her remarkable sales career, Crissy is championing women in the automotive industry. Get a sneak peek into her groundbreaking project,, designed to provide training and support for women seeking a career in the automotive field.

Tune in to discover the story of a woman who overcame obstacles and became a figure in the automotive industry. Do you want to know her strategies for connecting with customers, managing time efficiently and establishing a brand? Are you curious about how she's leading a movement to empower women in the field?

Make sure to listen to this episode, where you'll uncover the answers to these questions and more. Crissy Burton's journey and insights are guaranteed to inspire, educate and entertain. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be captivated by her story of success in the car business.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Crystal Burton!

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Thanks, Crystal Burton!

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