The Power Of Inventory In Your Dealership, Starting a Business With a Friend, The Future of Auto Retail | Dan Collingridge

By: Michael Cirillo   |   28 Dec 2023
Dan Collingridge

It all began with automotive inventory management software.

I never imagined I'd end up in the automotive industry. Back in the day, my childhood buddy Dan Collingridge and I had this grand plan of starting a record label and radio station dedicated to alternative rock music, the dream we called 1500 am THE PITT. I went to school to chase my sound engineering certificate, and Dan pursued his master’s degree in computer science. We were on the brink of making THE PITT a reality!

Life had different plans, though. As adulthood kicked in, I found myself in the automotive world, merchandising vehicles for dealer groups across Vancouver, Canada. With each passing day, my exposure to the industry deepened, and so did my desire to assist the dealers I worked with.

That's how the idea came from. We crafted what is now the most dependable inventory management software in the industry. 

As for that sound engineering degree, I may not have become a famous radio DJ, but it did inspire me to launch The Dealer Playbook podcast.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. The Unlikely Partnership: Dan and I reflect on the remarkable journey from being friends since high school to becoming successful business partners. We explore the unique dynamics of turning a long-lasting friendship into a thriving CEO-CTO collaboration.
  2. Finding the Perfect Harmony: Discover the secrets behind the success of our partnership. We unveil how our distinct personality traits, honed through years of friendship, became the driving force behind's innovation.
  3. The Birth of Dan spills the beans on how the initial idea of creating a portal for dealerships evolved into a comprehensive inventory marketing system that puts speed and control back in the hands of dealers.
  4. Culture as the Fuel: We delve into the significance of cultivating a positive corporate culture. Dan shares his insights on maintaining a vibrant company culture, emphasizing the importance of finding the right people to sustain the unique vibe of
  5. Inventory as the Nucleus: As we navigate through the complexities of the automotive industry, Dan sheds light on the critical role of inventory in our technology-driven era. Learn how's innovative solutions empower dealerships to streamline processes, from capturing inventory to rapid market deployment.
  6. The Future of Auto Retail: We wrap up the episode with a glimpse into the future of auto retail. Dan discusses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and how technology will continue to shape the landscape of the automotive industry.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Dan Collingridge! 

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Thanks, Dan Collingridge!

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