From Clicks to Handshakes in Modern Car Sales, Allowing Your Customer to Take the Lead, Mastering Customer Engagement | Kirk Preiser

By: Michael Cirillo   |   11 Jan 2024
Kirk Preiser

Ever wondered how the digital revolution has transformed the car buying process? Join us as we sit down with Kirk Preiser, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LeadVantage. Formerly the Director of Retail Buying Experience at Audi of America, Kirk shares an insider's look at how the industry is syncing the online and in-store experience.

Together, we dissect the omni-channel approach, and debate the ways in which the pandemic and the chip shortage have reshaped the landscape. We're not just talking about change; we're talking about a return to the roots of customer service, ensuring that every lead, every inquiry, and every handshake matters.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Navigating the complexity of the automotive industry requires more than just the latest tech—it demands a solid foundation in customer engagement. Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, we stress the frustration consumers endure when dealerships lose sight of responsiveness, transparency, and clear communication. Our captivating exchange underscores the undeniable importance of the basics in business, like the art of the personalized response and the significance of addressing vehicle availability and pricing head-on, setting the stage for a seamless transition from online interest to in-store purchase.

Lastly, we champion the idea of giving power back to the customer, simplifying dealership websites, and honing in on fewer but more effective calls to action. It's about offering the driver's seat to the buyers, allowing them to navigate their own journey with the aid of digital retailing tools that paint a clear picture of cost and financing options.

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