Driving into a Cookie-less Future, The Rise of First-Party Data, Embracing Change in Automotive Marketing | Subi Ghosh - Part 2

By: Michael Cirillo   |   25 Jan 2024
Subi Ghosh

Subi Ghosh is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing at Stream Companies.

We delve into the importance of first-party data and how it can be leveraged to create personalized marketing experiences. Subi emphasizes the need for dealerships to have a plan for post-cookie tracking and retargeting, as cookie deprecation is already happening. She also highlights the value of clean and accurate customer data and the role of AI in streamlining data analysis and improving customer engagement.

 As cookies crumble, we dissect how industry players can harness pattern recognition and data analysis to stay in the driver's seat. Subi illuminates the fusion of human behaviour insights with data, crafting marketing that not only gets noticed but also fosters enduring partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

  • First-party data is crucial for effective marketing in the post-cookie era. Dealerships should focus on building and leveraging their own opted-in audience for targeted advertising and personalized experiences.
  • Cookie deprecation is already happening, and advertisers need to adapt to new tracking and retargeting methods. Those who have a plan in place and utilize solutions like Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) will be ahead of the competition.
  • The power of AI lies in its ability to streamline data analysis and provide actionable insights. By using AI-powered tools, dealerships can optimize their marketing efforts and engage their database in a more effective and personalized way.
  • The automotive industry needs to shift its focus from the traditional buying journey to include retention, loyalty, and brand ambassadorship. Building strong relationships with customers and providing a seamless experience throughout their ownership journey is essential.
  • Embracing new technologies and tools is key to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Rather than fearing AI or new platforms, dealerships should open their minds to the possibilities and leverage these tools to enhance their marketing strategies.

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Thanks, Subi Ghosh!

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