From Plastic Surgery to Auto Marketing Mastery with Adrian Gibbs

By: Michael Cirillo   |   07 Mar 2024
Adrian Gibbs

When Adrian Gibbs, Marketing Director of Nimnicht Family of Dealerships, stepped into the world of automotive marketing, she brought with her the competitive edge of the plastic surgery industry and a knack for nurturing customer relationships. Our exchange is as insightful as it is humorous, revealing the unexpected connections between such diverse fields and underscoring the transformative power of innovative thinking. Adrian's journey from nannying to navigating the nonprofit sector and now revving up the marketing engine in automotive sales, showcases a career path that is anything but ordinary.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

This episode peels back the curtain on the traditional, and sometimes outdated, practices that have long governed automotive marketing. We navigate through the maze of customer experience, finding parallels in the simplicity of choosing an ice cream flavor. Emphasizing the need to craft a clear and inviting journey for potential buyers, we dissect the common pitfalls, such as an over-reliance on third-party leads, and champion the approach of personalizing the car buying experience.

Venturing into the technical trenches, we unravel the complexities of dealership operations and the critical role of auditing third-party vendors. Adrian leads us through her methodical process, challenging every step from cost to impact on the customer. We wrap up by discussing the balancing act faced by marketing directors, sharing tactics to maximize efficiency and cultivate a robust team dynamic. 

Thanks, Adrian Gibbs!

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