Run Into the Fire: How to Move from Management to Ownership in the Car Industry with Steve Whitlock

By: Michael Cirillo   |   04 Apr 2024
Steve Whitlock,

In this episode, I sit down with Steve Whitlock, the president of Innovation Financial Services, to explore the fascinating journey of automotive entrepreneurship. We dive into Steve's unique background, starting from his days as a firefighter to his eventual transition into the car business. Steve shares insights into how his diverse experiences shaped his path, showcasing the unexpected twists and turns that led him to where he is today.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

As we dive deeper into Steve's journey, he recounts pivotal moments that sparked his interest in the automotive industry. From selling cars part-time to venturing into finance, Steve's story is a testament to the opportunities that arise when one embraces change and takes calculated risks. His candid reflections offer valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating their own career paths within the automotive sector.

The conversation takes an exciting turn as Steve unveils the inception of Innovation Financial Services. Drawing from his extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Steve shares the vision behind the company and its mission to empower automotive professionals. We explore the innovative programs developed by Innovation Financial Services, including the groundbreaking Road to Ownership initiative.

Steve elaborates on how the Road to Ownership program is revolutionizing the industry by providing a clear pathway for dealership ownership. Through strategic partnerships and tailored solutions, Innovation Financial Services is empowering talented individuals to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Steve's passion for fostering success shines through as he discusses the impact of this program on the automotive community.

Thanks, Steve Whitlock!

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