Women Drive Auto Sales: Unlocking Female Customer Satisfaction with Katie Mares

By: Michael Cirillo   |   18 Apr 2024
Katie Mares

Katie Mares is an author, speaker, and consultant who empowers businesses to design experiences that resonate with female consumers. She is a bestselling author and her book, "CustomHer Experience" is a guide for businesses to close the gender gap in sales.

What We Discuss In This Episode

Katie shares her personal journey from a disastrous car-buying experience to becoming a leading voice in customer experience. Her encounter with six dismal dealerships sparked a quest to understand and transform the automotive industry's approach to female consumers.

Drawing from her expertise, Katie provides actionable insights for dealerships to elevate the customer experience authentically. From creating a welcoming atmosphere to understanding touchpoints, she emphasizes the significance of aligning every aspect of the journey with the needs and preferences of female consumers.

In a world driven by hustle and superficiality, Katie advocates for kindness and authenticity as foundational principles for success. She highlights the enduring value of building genuine relationships based on trust and mutual respect, which ultimately fosters customer loyalty and long-term growth.

Thanks, Katie Mares!

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