The New Rules of Luxury Leasing: What You Need to Know in 2024 with Steven Posner

By: Michael Cirillo   |   25 Apr 2024
Steven Posner

In this episode I sit down with Steven Posner, the CEO of Putnam Leasing Company, to dive into the intricacies of the exotic car market. Our conversation covers a wide range of topics, starting with the resilience of the exotic car market amidst volatile economic conditions. Steven shares his insights into how the demand for luxury vehicles surged unexpectedly during the recent pandemic, leading to a significant uptick in business for Putnam Leasing.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

As we explore the landscape of the exotic car leasing industry, Steven highlights the challenges posed by the influx of "new money" clients. These individuals, often young professionals with substantial incomes, present unique risks and opportunities for leasing companies. We discuss the importance of careful vetting and risk management strategies to ensure the financial stability of Putnam Leasing in a rapidly evolving market.

One particularly intriguing trend that Steven sheds light on is the rise of YouTuber wealth. We delve into the phenomenon of young content creators with substantial incomes seeking luxury car leases, and how Putnam Leasing adapts to cater to this emerging demographic. From navigating insurance hurdles to addressing the unique needs of these clients, Steven provides valuable insights into the dynamics of this evolving segment of the market.

Throughout our conversation, Steven emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and anticipating future challenges and opportunities. From tightening insurance markets to shifting consumer preferences, he offers a seasoned perspective on the future outlook of the exotic car leasing industry.

Thanks, Steven Posner!

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