Overcoming Hardships with American Ninja Warrior, Gary Weiland

By: Michael Cirillo   |   02 May 2024
Gary Weiland

After losing his leg in 2018, firefighter Gary Weiland did the impossible and went back to work. He didn’t stop there, and used this opportunity to be an inspiration. Since his surgery Gary has become a motivational speaker, author, American Ninja Warrior, entrepreneur, and a member of multiple USA Para teams, including the 2023 U.S. Para Bobsled Push Division National Champion.

With a message applicable to anyone from school-age children to world leaders, Gary inspires with his story of perseverance, faith, and determination. His experiences and perspective are perfect examples of how to turn tragedy into opportunity. You too will feel motivated to adapt and overcome.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

In the episode with Gary Weiland, we delve deep into his inspiring journey of overcoming adversity. We start by discussing the pivotal moment when Gary, a firefighter, faced unexpected complications after knee surgery, leading to the eventual amputation of his leg due to the cutting off of blood flow to his foot. Gary shares the emotional and physical turmoil he experienced during this challenging time, highlighting the grieving process, feelings of anger, and the struggle to accept his new reality.

Throughout the conversation, Gary reflects on the importance of mindset and choice in navigating adversity. He recounts how his children's reminder of his own teachings about finding purpose in difficult circumstances sparked a shift in his perspective. This realization propelled him to make the conscious decision not to let his situation define him but rather to use it as motivation to become the first amputee firefighter in the world.

We explore Gary's journey of setting and achieving ambitious goals, from returning to firefighting within 10 months and six days of his amputation to competing on American Ninja Warrior. His story underscores the power of resilience, determination, and adaptability in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Thanks, Gary Weiland!

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