The Growth-Mindset Advantage: How Tustin Ulrich Leads His Dealership to Record Performance

By: Michael Cirillo   |   23 May 2024
Tustin Ulrich

Tustin Ulrich is the General Sales Manager at Roper Kia. In this episode, we discuss his inspiring journey of self-improvement, leadership, and maintaining balance in a demanding industry.

Tustin’s personal journey is equally compelling—he has successfully managed a significant weight loss, focused on personal growth, and developed a mindset that prioritizes grace and intention.

What We Discuss in This Episode

Before we begin, I want you to self-reflect on these 3 questions...

  1. How often do you take the time to reflect on your personal and professional life with genuine intention?
  2. What small daily habits can we adopt to start seeing significant changes in our overall growth?
  3. How can leaders in demanding industries cultivate a culture that prioritizes both personal well-being and professional success?

In this episode, we discuss just that: Tustin shares his strategies for managing his responsibilities as a general sales manager, entrepreneur, investor, and dedicated family man. He emphasizes the importance of living intentionally and cultivating a forward-thinking mindset. This mindset, he explains, has been crucial in helping him manage the various aspects of his life without feeling overwhelmed.

Tustin’s journey is a powerful reminder that success isn’t just about professional achievements but also about personal growth, intentional living, and leading with grace. Tune in to this insightful conversation to gain valuable perspectives that can help you navigate your own challenges with a renewed sense of purpose.

Thanks, Tustin Ulrich!

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