Andrew Myers: The 5 Step Automotive Video Sales Process

By: Michael Cirillo   |   31 Jul 2014
Andrew Myers

Video is hot with consumers and we all know it. You, us, everyone is engaging in the online video most likely on a regular basis, right?

So many of us today are using video "in our business" but are we really using it "in our business"?

It is one thing to have a library of good videos, then it is a whole other having a solid strategy on what to do with those videos.


"It is easy to look past perception, but it is probably the most important thing"



In the DPB session 18, we sit down with Andrew Myers of What's Next Media, an automotive video firm to talk not so much about video creation but more so about video strategy.

The reason why Andrew is perfect for this session is he has an easy-to-implement video strategy and dealers can execute on their own.

This proven strategy is 5 steps that Andrew reviews in detail on the session

  1. Introduction - 3rd Party Vehicle Listings
  2. Short Story - Your Webpage/Presence
  3. Presentation - Your First Response/BDC
  4. Close - The In-Store Experience
  5. Rehash - CRM & Remarketing/Retargeting

Do those steps sound familiar? Well, I should hope, it is only the showroom sales process that has been trained by many for many years.

So why not do that exact same strategy, but use video to provide the experience?