Rand Fishkin: Automotive SEO Questions Answered

By: Michael Cirillo   |   14 Aug 2014
Rand Fishkin

In the automotive industry especially we hear so much conflicting information when it comes to your car dealer website's SEO (search engine optimization) and what makes it even worse a good majority of the information dealers receive regarding SEO is just well flat out wrong.

That being the case the team here at "The Dealer Playbook" wanted to deliver you REAL SEO strategies that will deliver your dealership REAL results.


"You need to have a website that serves your audience"


So for session number 21 Robert and Michael sit down with the undisputed and world-renowned SEO and content marketing expert Rand Fishkin the founder of Moz, an SEO/Marketing agency based out of Seattle Washington.

SEO is always a hot topic for most automotive dealers and sometimes it can get overwhelming and just plain confusing. Rand breaks down advanced SEO strategies for car dealers in a language and manner that is easy for anyone to digest.

It was a great honor to have a conversation with Rand Fishkin and this session is jam-packed with priceless information to kick your website's SEO to whole new levels and dominate the search engines.

What you will learn from Rand Fishkin 

  • What your website NEEDS to do
  • The truth about getting your content ranked
  • Identifying the right content strategy for you
  • The scoop on Googles latest search engine update "Pigeon"
  • The direction and future of online search


What you see above is just a taste of the wealth of awesome information SEO expert Rand Fishkin unleashed on us in this session.

The DPB team certainly hopes you took as much value from this session as we did and the best part is you can listen to it again or make sure your team member in charge of your dealership's SEO checks it out.