Mark McGovern: The Carvana Shopping Experience

By: Michael Cirillo   |   22 Jul 2021
Mark McGovern

Mark McGovern is an online educator who recently purchased a vehicle from end-to-end online with Carvana. 

What we discuss with Mark McGovern:

  • Car Dealers around the world have been keeping a close eye on emerging tech companies like Carvana for quite some time. Their direct-to-consumer car purchase model has proven to be a viable option for those who wish to bypass the traditional car dealership experience.
  • Mark shares the details of his vehicle purchase through Carvana, and what he liked and disliked about the process. 
  • At first, Mark admits that he was skeptical about how the process would work, but for the most part, everything was as advertised.
  • Mark shares why he still believes in servicing the vehicle at a factory-trained dealership

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Thanks, Mark McGovern!

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