The Dealer Playbook and Automotive State Of The Union at NADA 2022

By: The DPB Team   |   16 Mar 2022
Michael Cirillo and Dawnette

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

In an industry that has historically preferred silos over cooperation, it was refreshing and fun to collaborate with ASOTU; the first dealer-owned publication in the automotive industry. 

They came in heavy with a full film crew, live streams, and social media content that was designed to bring NADA to all those who could not attend this year, and they did a fantastic job. 

Filling in for Kyle Mountsier, Michael Cirillo had the pleasure of providing some color commentary with Paul J. Daly during and after the day's events. 

At a special party held at Allegiant Stadium, Paul and Michael took the field randomly selecting dealers and allied partners to appear on their live stream handing out stickers and realizing that there are more Philadelphia Eagles fans (Paul’s favorite team) in the industry than anticipated. 

Watch the live stream here:

From getting tackled by Glenn Lundy and standing on chairs to having fun and meeting new people like the lovely Donette, it was a blast to collaborate with the team at ASOTU during NADA 2022. 

Be on the lookout for more amazing collars in the future between The Dealer Playbook and the ASOTU crew.